I know that preparing for your newborn session can be a stressful experience. You're tired from being up all night, you don't feel your best because you just had a baby. I have had three kids of my own and I do remember those days very well! I am including a prep guide that will help you plan your session and hopefully take the stress out of preparing!

Book Your Session in Advance: It is very important that you book your session when you are in your second trimester of pregnancy. This will insure that you have a spot once our baby arrives. I only take a limited number of newborns per month so it is important to book early!

Contact Me As Soon As Baby Arrives: Babies are much better sleepers early on in life and they can be posed much easier. It is very important that you contact me as soon baby arrives! I like to get babies in the studio before they are 14 days old. BUT if your baby is older I will still take them! :) You may have more wrapped images in your gallery.

Sessions: All newborn sessions are booked during the weekday at 10:00am. If dad will be going back to work make sure we book your session before dad goes back to work. I will occasionally book a newborn session on a weekend if there is no way to make a weekday work.

What To Bring To Your Session: I supply all props, wraps, hats and headbands so you will not need to bring anything along for your actual session. Make sure to bring at least two to three bottles if bottle feeding.

PACIFIERS are VERY important for a successful session. Even if you haven't introduced a pacifier or do not plan to use one, they can be so helpful during the session. I promise you baby won't be attached to a pacifier in the little time you are here. If you don't have a pacifier I do have some in the studio.

The Morning of Your Session: Bathe Your Baby! If baby's cord has fallen off give them a nice long bath. Make sure to draw this out for a while. Talk to your baby while your bathing and just enjoy your time! If the cord is still attached just give your little one a sponge bath. Our goal is to keep the baby awake an hour or so before your session. If baby sleeps all morning they will be ready for some awake and ready to party for your session :)

When dressing your baby for the session make sure to remove any tight clothing, socks etc. Make sure to dress them in an outfit that DOES NOT go over their head. A sleeper that zips is perfect.

Make sure to have your bag all packed and ready for the session. Give your baby a full good feeding before getting in the car. This should be the very last thing you do. This needs to be a FULL feeding. As soon as baby is finished put him in the car seat and head to the studio.

Arriving At Session: Once you arrive at the session I will get your baby out of the car seat and undress them. I like to start with baby images because the feeding and car ride usually puts them in a good sleep. This is a great time to get those individual shots of baby. I will do parent and sibling shots at the end of the session. I keep baby wrapped for this portion so if baby is awake during this time that is fine. If siblings don't want to be there the entire time you are welcome to have Dad or a grandparent bring them in later in the session once we are close to being done.

I have bathroom if you want to get ready while I am doing your little ones individual shots. If you booked hair and makeup I will take baby images while mom is getting hair and makeup done. If you are nursing it might be helpful to bring along a bottle incase we need to feed baby while your getting your hair and makeup done.

Mom during the session you can sit back and enjoy. I will take great care of your little one until it is time for a feeding :). Then I will pass them off to you if you are nursing.

It is important that you don't plan any appointments for the day. While I try to get a session finished in 2 hours I can't promise we will be done in 2 hours. Time depends on how sleepy the baby is. If baby is awake or fussy the session could go longer. We just never know.

How To Dress: I love to include parents and siblings in the photos. We will do these photos last. If you want to bring your outfits and change here that is fine. Keep your outfits simple and neutral. I typically get shots from waist up so don't worry too much about your pants. Mom wear something in a neutral color that makes you feel great! I love solid colored fitted t-shirts on dads. Make sure you don't wear anything bold or with a logo! Baby will be wrapped during parents shots so I will coordinate the wrap with your outfits. The studio will be very WARM! I suggest bringing a t-shirt to change into if you tend to be hot natured!

For sibling keep their outfits neutral as well. For girls make sure you don't have large bows that could take the focus off baby. And also remember that your hands will be in the photo. If you wear nail polish or if your little girls wear polish make sure you use a neutral color. Again we want the focus to be on baby.

SNACKS: I know sessions can be long so I have water and a few little snacks in the studio that you are welcome to! If dad needs to grab lunch and bring it back for you, I am totally fine with that. I want you to be able to relax and be comfortable in my studio.

Last: Please don't stress out about your session. If your baby is not cooperating IT'S OKAY! I have a lot of tricks I will try to make sure your baby is happy and comfortable. Some babies just don't sleep as well and that is fine. For awake babies we just roll with it. You will have more wrapped images in your gallery, but you will still have some wonderful images! :) And just remember that not all babies will do all poses. If I find your baby is uncomfortable and not happy in a pose we will move on. This is about keeping baby happy! :)

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I want you to have a successful session and get those sweet images you deserve!
Please contact me for more information.